Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Pearls are born into this world rather than simply found. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that they are found in the deep blue depths of the ocean. As the tides are pulled by the moon, this infuses these sweet little gemstones with all the power and grace of divine feminine energy. They are connected to nature and wisdom and new beginnings and they invite us symbolically to do a deep dive into our own inner oceans and discover the treasures that shimmer beneath the surface.

Pearls have long been a source of pure fascination. Silky and glistening with many shades, these precious gems seem to carry a one-of-a-kind energy. Often tagged as being gifts of grace and glamor, pearls also carry a luminous water energy and a sense of harmony as they are created in synergy with other living creatures (marine pearl oysters and freshwater mussels). After doing a deep dive into the divine delights of the pearl, there is so much to be celebrated about this moonlike orb of magic.

Pearls are a gemstone of inner wisdom. They have huge healing energy and as they carry the lucid movement of water within them, they are all about inviting you to find your own balance and flow.

Just like all precious gemstones and crystals out there, pearls come cloaked in their own healing energy too. They are known as an introspective gem, which means they guide us back into ourselves and show us our own sense of sublime wisdom. Yet, the luminous pearl doesn’t stop there. This pretty orb is brimming with benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

The pearl is all about balance and it reflects this in the harmony it brings to the body. For those who feel physically off kilter, this wonderful gem will bring you back into strong stature. Pearls are excellent for lung issues, they help reduce the effects of asthma and bronchitis, and they heal all your essential organs like the heart, liver, and kidney. They have a sedative effect on the body too, meaning that you get a good night shuteye, calm overactive adrenal glands, and let go of hypertension and headaches. They are also said to be beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers thanks to all their fabulous feminine energy.

With such an emphasis on balance and wisdom, it’s no surprise that the pearl connects deeply with the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the gateway to our inner well of knowledge. It awakens our intuition, helps us find clarity, and illuminates darkened corners so we can see ourselves fully and with fine-tuned understanding. Pearls also help protect us as they are exceptional at absorbing negative energy and keeping our auras pure and clear.

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GemstoneFresh Water Pearls
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IntentionIntuition & Clarity, Knowledge & Wisdom, Aura Cleansing , Purity, Wealth & Fortune, Calm & Relaxed
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