Fuschite Polished Tumble

Fuchsite is also known as Green Muscovite.

Fuchsite accesses information with great practical insight.  Psychologically, Fuchsite deals with issues of servitude from past or present lives. Fuchsite amplifies the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfers. It releases blockages caused by excess energy, shifting the energy into positive channels.

The radiant and sparkling energy of the Fuchsite crystal infuses the heart chakra with healing vibrations that promote peaceful relaxation and creative, positive thoughts.

It also rocks at manifesting happiness, joy, miracles, and all the things that contribute to that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when our heart chakra is burning bright.

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ChakraHeart Chakra
IntentionClarity, Health & Wellness, Manifesting, Abundance, Fortune
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Care Instructions:

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Softer stones in particular such as jet and satin spar have natural marks on them, so please handle them gently.

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