Poppy Jasper Necklace

Poppy Jasper is believed to be a symbol of courage, wisdom, and protection, and is said to reduce stress, improve communication and organization, and bring emotional balance with an improved joyful outlook. It can also increase one’s compassion and sympathy for others and has a worry stone quality that can sustain and support one through times of stress.
Poppy Jasper aids in the circulation of blood and supports the digestive system. It also helps to balance the yin and yang of life and supports the sex organs. Poppy Jasper is beneficial for the recovery process after illness and can body pains.
Poppy Jasper can provide emotional balance, reduce stress, and promote a positive outlook. It can also reduce anxiety and nervousness while revealing joyfulness and hope with its soothing properties. Poppy Jasper can also increase compassion and sympathy for others, which can have a strong positive effect on one’s love life.
Poppy Jasper can help with mental healing, as it reduces anxiety and nervousness and increases mental clarity. It enhances memory and reduces negative energies, allowing one to perform at their best.
Poppy Jasper has the ability to align the chakras and promote balance, particularly for those experiencing heartache. It encourages a better outlook, fostering connections with others. Poppy Jasper enables the harmonious interplay of complementary aspects, allowing you to align with your true self.

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Poppy Jasper

ChakraRoot Chakra
IntentionCreativity, Inspiration, Happiness, Tranquility
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